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12 Hilarious Posts for Bibliophiles

We personally love the social media community, which gives us a few smiles in these dark times with their wit and humour. We always knew our fellow bibliophiles were creative people, but some of these posts really brighten up our days at home!

Since we are all missing the smell of new books and re-reading our favourites, here are some of the best posts to add some smiles to your day!


1. Rearranging the shelves is fun though.

2. We are still learning to take it slow.

3. And our good old movie vs book debate continues. Some things don’t change even in quarantine.

4. To buy or not to buy more ebooks?

5. We TRIED, okay?!

6. In our defense, we never realize the time!

7. We are attached to our characters.

8. Guess we’ll just pick another world to step into.

9. *Taking out heaps of papers* Did someone ask for recommendations?

10. *Unfriended*

11. Well, we are allowed our rants. 

12. Your bookshelves also want you to stay home.

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