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5 Essentials To Become a Social Entrepreneur

The Rule of One speaks about the power of social intrapreneurship in the developing world. Colleagues at Intel, Kazi I. Huque and Narayan Sundararajan founded an intrapreneurial venture between Intel and Grameen, called Grameen Intel Social Business, working with Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus. Along with Jacen Greene, they have collected and presented their original and transformational ideas in this book that explores crippling challenges like poverty, healthcare and education which plague the developing world and how problems related to these challenges can be solved in a sustainable and comprehensive manner.

These are some of the behaviours that J. Gregory Dees identified in his definitive definition of ‘social entrepreneurs’ as individuals who play the role of change agents in the social sector by:

Adopting a mission to create and sustain social value (not just private value)

Recognizing and relentlessly pursuing new opportunities to serve that mission

Engaging in a process of continuous innovation, adaptation, and learning

Acting boldly without being limited by resources currently in hand

Exhibiting a heightened sense of accountability to the constituencies served and for the outcomes created


The Rule of One provides a comprehensive roadmap for any foundation, development agency and company to engineer solutions to deal with social and economic issues.



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