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5 Gems from the Quran that you MUST read!

"When you're a baby, you smell of milk. When you're young, you smell of energy. When you're old, you smell of resignation and quiet."

Bestselling author Anita Nair is out with her new book – the first ever collection of stories from the Quran. It features endearing characters like Muezza, the prophet’s favourite cat and Baby Jaan, a djinn in the form of a baby camel. The book has gorgeous artwork which makes it a must to show off on your shelves.
Our interest was captured from the beginning where a friendship is struck as Baby Jaan listens to Muezza’s mesmerizing tales. We couldn’t keep the enlightening nuggets of the Islamic lore all to ourselves so here are a few gems to take you through the coming week.
Has it grabbed your attention yet? Look no further, get your copy of this beautiful book here:
Anita Nair is a widely acclaimed novelist and the recipient of the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award, 2012. Muezza and Baby Jaan is her latest book.

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