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5 Indian Ingredients You Can Use in Baking


Uparwali Chai is a beautifully curated set of recipes full of nostalgic flavours and stories, this is a book every home cook will be referring to for generations to come.

Baking ingredients are now widely available in major cities but for most of these recipes, local markets and kirana shops will provide everything you need. Here we list down 5 such Indian ingredients and how they can be used in baking:


It is mostly used as a mixing and a holding agent. It is used to make muffins and cakes in addition to other desserts. Pamela Timms uses it to make Lemon and Cardamom Yoghurt Cake, Refrigerator Bran Muffins and even a Labneh Cheesecake using hung yoghurt!


This adds an aroma, flavour and colour  to any food item it is added to. Just a pinch is enough to turn a simple dish into an exotic one! Use it to make Daulat ki Chaat, Saffron and Chocolate Macaroons and many delicious desserts. (All these recipes can be found in the book!)



Mawa or khoya is a milk-based ingredient and is often used in cakes, muffins or even biscuits. Delight your family and friends this festive season with Mawa Madeleines.



The king of fruits! It is not only eaten in abundance in India during the summer but it is also used as an ingredient in many desserts and baked items,  You can make a Mango and Old Monk Trifle if you’d like your dessert to have a kick! Or try out Pamela’s Mango and Gondhoraj Lime No-Bake Cheesecake.


Salted Butter (Amul)

When it comes to using butter, Indian baking mostly makes use of salted butter which is very readily available at every neighborhood grocery store. Add a slight savoury touch to your tea with the Banana Loaf Cake with Chai-spiced Icing or try something new like Mango and Marmalade Flapjacks.

Is your mouth watering already? Use these ingredients to make some of these delightful items and more with Uparwali Chai.



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