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Memorable quotes from India’s favourite storyteller, Sudha Murty!

Sudha Murty has won the hearts of the young and adults alike with her inspiring stories and life-lessons.

The Sudha Murty Children’s Treasury brings together some of her most adored short stories in the form of a dazzling hardback edition. Here are some words of wisdom from the book, that would give you your daily dose of motivation!

‘As a teacher, I have seen that sometimes even a bright student may not do well because of the pressures of the final test. There are other ways to examine the depth of knowledge of the student, like surprise exams, open book exams, oral exams etc. The examination should not scare the students, instead it should measure knowledge fairly and give marks accordingly.’


Front cover of The Sudha Murty Children's Treasury
The Sudha Murty Children’s Treasury || Sudha Murty

‘When climbing the ladder it is very easy to kick those below, but one must not forget that you cannot stay at the top forever. The higher you go, the longer is the fall.’


‘It is not fear that binds you to your boss. Affection, openness and the appreciation of your qualities builds a long-lasting relationship. We spend most of our time at our work places. This time should be spent in happiness, not in blaming each other.’


‘What had I learnt from the hard journey that was my life? Did I work for money, fame or glamour? No, I did not work for those; they came accidentally to me. Initially I worked for myself, excelling in studies. After that I was devoted to Infosys and my family. Should not the remaining part of my life be used to help those people who were suffering for no fault of theirs?’


‘How long can you keep birds in cages when their wings are strong and they are ready to fly? We can give our children only two things in life which are essential. Strong roots and powerful wings. Then they may fly anywhere and live independently. Of all the luxuries in life, the greatest luxury is getting freedom of the right kind.’

From inspiring real-life encounters as a teacher to timeless stories woven from the memories of her own grandparents’ bedtime tales, The Sudha Murty Children’s Treasury is a must-read collection of all stories that have delighted generations of readers. Gift this to your friends today for their daily dose of inspiration!

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