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5 Must-Read Books if You Follow Osho

Welcome to the world of Osho, a spiritual teacher whose wisdom and unconventional approach to life have inspired countless individuals on their spiritual journeys. Whether you are an avid follower or a curious seeker, these five must-read books by Osho offer practical guidance, and transformative perspectives that will deepen your understanding of spirituality and enrich your path to self-discovery.

So grab a comfortable spot, open your heart, and set off on a spiritual voyage guided by Osho and his profound teachings.

The Perfect Way
The Perfect Way | Osho

‘When there are no thoughts, it is then that we come to know the one hidden by our thoughts. When there are no clouds, the blue sky is revealed. My friends, there is a sky within you as well’ – Osho

In The Perfect Way, Osho answers fundamental questions about what meditation is and how we can begin and sustain it in our lives. He does this with precision, thoroughness, humour and compassion. Here is someone who knows, but who also knows how to convey what he knows. His genius in full flight, he points us as far as one can with words towards the inner world of the self, towards the zone of silence.


The Rebellious Spirit
The Rebellious Spirit || Osho

The rebel is one who lives according to his own light, moves according to his own intelligence. He creates his path by walking on it’ Osho

We have all heard of rebels, those freelancers that don’t care about anyone else but themselves . . . But what if we were all to spend a little more time doing exactly that? It might just be that we can begin to respond to what is happening in the world with a heartfelt need to change ourselves.

In The Rebellious Spirit, Osho speaks to the spirit that lies hidden beneath our social conditioning, fanning a flame strong enough to burn through layers of rubbish, so that we can see with the crystal-clear gaze of an enlightened being. This is a book that will entice you, tickle your being with laughter, and give you the courage to be yourself in today’s world.


Yoga The Path To Liberation
Yoga The Path To Liberation || Osho

According to Osho, life is nothing but an expression of silence. We come out of silence, but then lose our way. In order to experience this silence again and attain liberation, we need to rediscover the path back to our pure being. The key is simple: we must not identify with our bodies and minds, as all identification is outwards, and we are going on an inner journey. Osho emphasizes, as always, the importance of combining intelligence, awareness and humour on this journey.


Yoga The Science of Living
Yoga The Science of Living || Osho

A compilation of Osho’s talks, Yoga: The Science of Living is not merely a commentary on Patanjali’s ancient treatise. It is enriched with insights from Osho’s own awakened consciousness and defies the traditional norms of spirituality. Osho punctuates the voyage of self-discovery with an irreverent sense of humour as he answers the questions from various people, keen to discover themselves with refreshing candour. Insightful and profound, this book is an invaluable guide for those looking for inner balance and peace.


And Now And Here
And Now And Here || Osho

Most of us look for security in our relationships and in our choice of living and working conditions. Underlying this search for security is a deep, instinctive fear of death, which continually colours our lives and drives our focus outward, toward survival.
But we also have a longing to turn inward, to relax deeply within ourselves, and experience the sense of freedom and expansion this brings. With And Now And Here the reader can start an exploration of his or her inner world.
Osho debunks the myths and misunderstandings around death and invites us to experience our eternal inner space that is now and here.

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