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5 Reasons Why Army Life is Good Life

Life of an Army official as we know is one of hardship, and their turbulent affair with unknown danger and hazards is something not unheard of. Rachna Bisht Rawat’s Shoot.Dive.Fly presents a multidimensional picture of Army officials and their life. She debunks the  myth that an Army officer is a man with a gun who lives on the borders of the country, cut off from the rest of civilization, and waiting for war to begin. What we don’t know is that life can be amazing for an Army official too.
Here are 5 reasons which elaborate why Army is amazing
When you get to fly around

Motivation and encouragement all the way

Lieutenant Mohammad Haseeb Khan’s message to those considering a career in the Army

The recognition that Army offered her

Army Life offers you to defy gender norms and touch the sky

Get to know more about the Army life and its thrilling experience in Rachna Bisht Rawat’s book Shoot Dive Fly

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