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5 Reasons Why Bhutan Should be your Next Travel Destination

A country of pristine forests and flower, dotted with imposing fortresses and serene monasteries, Bhutan has captured the world’s imagination not only with its beauty but also with its unique philosophy of governance, which measures the country’s progress and development through gross national happiness rather than gross domestic product. Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck’s portrait Treasures of the Thunder Dragon is a captivating blend of personal memoir, history, folklore and travelogue. It provides intimate insights into Bhutanese culture and society and vivid glimpses of life in its villages, monasteries and palaces.
The author also reveals Bhutan’s ‘hidden treasures’, discovered during her arduous journeys on foot to the remotest corners of her country, from obscure highland hamlets in the shadow of great Himalayan peaks to rainforests that are among the world’s richest biodiversity hotspots.
 Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Bhutan this summer:

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