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5 Things ‘The First Aryan’ Brought Alive About Pre-Historic India.

The First Aryan, by Paramu Kurumathur is a one-of-its-kind murder mystery set during an age when Vedic gods were worshiped, religious sacrifices were performed regularly, commerce flourished and kings were guided by their loyal head priests.

Follow the trails of Kasyapa and Agastya, two priests in training, who have been have tasked with identifying a common thread between seemingly unconnected murders and along the way, discover interesting facts about pre- historic India!

Read on to know a few of these facts about the Vedic Period:

  • The Sarasvati River was the lifeline of the Aryan Civilization and it flowed because the god Indra released its waters after killing the demon Vr̥tra. The releasing of these waters was a turning point in the history of the Aryans as it helped establish their civilization.


  • On the first day of the year, which was also officially the first day of the winter season, a sacrifice session, called the Cows’ Walk, was organized. Under this session, oblations were offered to appease the gods so the year ahead may be auspicious.  The Aryans believed that if a sacrifice was done properly the gods have no option but to grant them what they asked for.


  • The Aryans and the Dasyus were once the same people. They split when there was a schism in their religious beliefs . Aryans were Indra worshippers while the Dasyus were Varuna worshippers.


  • The seven steps of marriage were very important and central to Aryan marriages for many generations: the first step was for strength, the second for vigour, the third for increase of wealth, the fourth for happiness, the fifth for children, the sixth for the seasons and the seventh for sealing the friendship.


  • For the Dasyus, the warriors, and not the priests, were the most powerful. For them, anyone who went to the temple could commune with the gods.

To discover more such facts and to know who the murderer was, grab your copy of The First Aryan today!



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