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5 Things to expect from Rick Riordan’s The Trials Of Apollo – The Burning Maze

The third book in the Trials of Apollo series, The Burning Maze, by the bestselling author Rick Riordan is now available wherever books are sold! It follows the former god Apollo on his latest adventure, where he must rescue the next Oracle and defeat a vicious and bloodthirsty Roman emperor.
While your love for Percy Jackson should be good enough for you to pick up The Burning Maze, we made your choice easier and gave you 5 more reasons why this book is a must read!
1. The book hooks and grabs you at every turn.
Expect the same Rick Riordan that we have become accustomed to. With a knack of grappling with and capturing the imaginative minds of readers, this book leaves no stone unturned and has the reader begging to know what’s next.

2. Rick Riordan brings back the fabled labyrinth.
In retrospect, we were first introduced to the labyrinth back when Percy Jackson had no option but to locate Daedalus. Facing many obstacles and battles throughout his journey, the labyrinth marks an encumbering passage from start to finish with no regard to the rules of space and time and now, it now returns with a new level of enticement altogether.

3. Will the much awaited Riddle of Georgina be solved?

The dark prophecy incurs that there’s more to the story of Apollo’s mysterious daughter than meets the eye.
4. The final twist in the plot is the characters and those who enter the maze may not survive-Rick Riordan has a knack of keeping all the main characters generally alive but well–

It’s difficult to fathom how the egotistical god Apollo will take something bad happening to his friends but it will definitely be a nerve-wrecking experience for us fellow readers.
5. Our favorite gardener of all time is back with a bang!
Yes, this means exactly what you’re thinking, the much awaited return of Grover Underwood



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