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5 times Evan Purcell’s character had us laughing out loud

All his life, Karma has defended his village from monsters, creatures and forces of darkness. He’s not the bravest or the smartest kid, but he always tries to do what’s right.

Through his latest adventure of stopping one of his classmates, who has shown up to school as a zombie, there are many instances where Karma has us amused. Here are 5 times Karma had us laughing out loud in Evan Purcell’s newest addition to the Karma Tandin, Monster Hunter Series – Karma Meets a Zombie

“Last month, I’d stopped a shark monster from eating my classmates. She was the school librarian. She even wore a fake human head on top of her shark head. I’d scared her off thanks to my bravery (and dumb luck), but not before she (I think) ate one of my classmates.”


“We stood in silence for a long time. What else could we say? It’s hard to make small talk with the undead. After a bit, we started walking.”


“Quick tip: if you’re surrounded by a screaming mob of people, don’t tell them to calm down. It does not work.”


“But I couldn’t ignore a monster. That went against every belief I held dearly, every brain cell in my growing, twelve-year-old brain.”


“I love Chimmi. He’s my closest friend. He’s always there for me. But he does not come up with good plans.”

Is this zombie really bad? Is he dangerous, or is he just under some horrible spell? Read Karma Meets a Zombie to find out!

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