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5 Tips on Work Life Balance From A Techie-Turned-Farmer

Disheartened by his stressful life in the city, Venkat Iyer decided to quit his job at IBM and take up organic farming at his Dahanu farm. He soon went from wielding microchips to sowing moong dal.  But this transition wasn’t easy. With no experience in agriculture, his journey was wrapped around uncertainty. Iyer’s debut novel, Moong over Microchips follows his extraordinary experience battling erratic weather conditions and stubborn farm animals to stumbling upon a world of fresh air, organic food and sheer joy.  
Here are five tips from Iyer’s book that will help you achieve the perfect work- life balance:
Tip one: Make use of liberal leave policy

Tip two: The 5 Cs

Tip three:  You should know when gadgets need to be turned off

Tip four:  True wealth is in being happy, healthy and content with what one has

Tip five:  Wellness is based on these five parameters



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