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5 Ways to Transform the Space in Your House to Eden

Get inspired by a range of styles, layouts, and techniques to create your own green space.

Whether it’s a neglected balcony, a cluttered verandah, or a bare stairway, Gardening in Urban India will show you ways on how these spaces can be revived with a careful selection of plants and accessories. Get inspired by a range of styles, layouts, and techniques to create your own green space.
Here are just 5 of the many ways you can transform that extra space into a beautiful area.
Patio and Verandah
An extension of the living area, patios and verandahs are just the right spaces for small gardens. Most patios are made on concrete or stone bases. A raised wooden base, or deck, lends a more warm and natural look to a patio.
Give your apartment’s balcony a makeover by using the walls, railings, and the floor for creating multiple levels of greenery. Assess the space available, and factor in the amount of sun and wind your space gets to determine the plants that will do well in your balcony.
Outdoor Space
Be it a moderately sized front lawn, or a small, cosy backyard, outdoor spaces can be designed to reflect your personal style. Experiment with different seating ideas, varieties of foliage, accessories and pathways.
Rooftop gardens are excellent examples of breaking away from the traditional ground-level garden. Make sure you place the major weight of your pots along the edges, and keep the middle, the weakest part of your terrace structure, free
Instead of leaving windows bare, treat them as small extensions of your home. Paint them in bright colours, hang plants in pots, or frame them with trailing climbers. For apartment windows, use planters that can withstand strong winds and sun on the outside.
How excited are you to start transforming your home?

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