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6 facts About Salman Rushdie You Probably Didn’t Know

Sir Salman Rushdie is no stranger to literary excellence. Author of 12 bestselling books such as Midnight’s Children and Shame, he won the Booker Prize in 1981 and the Best of the Booker Prize in 2008.
Rushdie is back with Quichotte, a tour-de-force that is both an homage to an immortal work of literature and a modern masterpiece about the quest for love and family.
Here are 6 facts you might not have known about this magnificent author.
Early Beginnings!

Language is no barrier when it comes to Rushdie’s books.

Rushdie is a playwright too.

Master of all trades!


Professor Rushdie has a ring to it, doesn’t it?

Did Terminator inspire Rushdie?

Are you excited about Rushdie’s latest venture, Quichotte?

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