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6 Luminous Lessons from Dharmashastras to Look Out For

"If a worker's industriousness yields particularly strong profits, the owner must then pay a bonus."

Business law in medieval and early modern India developed within the voluminous and multifaceted texts called the Dharmashastras. These texts laid down rules for merchants, traders, guilds, farmers, and individuals in terms of the complex religious, legal, and moral ideal of dharma.
The Dharma of Business – an exciting new book by Donald R. Davis, Jr. – provides a new perspective on commercial law in this period. It makes a compelling case for the relevance of the dharma of business to our own time.
Here are six lessons from Dharmashastras that are relevant in our modern age.
The Dharma of an Employee
The Dharma of Business 01
The Dharma of an Employer
The Dharma of Business 02
When not putting one’s best foot forward
The Dharma of Business 03
The Culture of Rewarding Excellence
The Dharma of Business 04
Tax for Welfare
The Dharma of Business 05
Greed, the Destroyer
The Dharma of Business 06
Want to apply ancient wisdom to your own work and issues at workplace? Get The Dharma of Business here!
The Dharma of Business

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