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6 New Concepts that you Learn from ‘Compassion Inc.’

The world is changing, perceptions are shifting, consumers are evolving and Compassion Inc.  will ensure your business keeps up.
In this book, author Gaurav Sinha outlines the economics of empathy for life and for business. He offers solutions to maintain a successful trade in a changing global landscape where conscience, ethics and authenticity are high on the agenda.
Here are six new concepts that you learn from the chapter in this book titled Understanding Monastic Materialism.
The Principal of Respect for Autonomy
“Autonomy comes from the Greek work ‘autonomia’, meaning ‘independence’, and we have an obligation to respect the autonomy of other people and to respect the decisions they make concerning their lives. Live and let live, embrace the principles of human dignity. If you applied this in everyday life or in your business, then it’s about being honest in intent and action and an unfaltering commitment to being tolerant of others and meeting your own obligations. That’s why a brand is quite literally a promise made and a promise kept”
The Principle of Beneficence
“An obligation to bring about good in our actions. To do no harm to be kind, compassionate and considered in intent and action. This is about living a life that is both graceful and generous – being charitable when possible and contributing towards the wellbeing of others. We can apply these principles in business or daily life by assigning equitable action that drives philanthropy and prosperity as a force for good.”
The Principle of Nonmaleficence
“To do no harm, or to persevere in your intent and action to do good. To not  be wasteful and show disregard towards valuable resources. Consume what’s essential, strive to be a net positive contributor in your own life and in the lives of others. The intent and action of being virtuous, productive and self-sufficient without breaching your personal economic viability and not blindly profiteering. Don’t knock a man down in your attempt to climb a mountain.”
The Principle of Social Justice
“We have an obligation to uphold honour and dignity by being fair and considered in our actions towards all. Again, this all about meeting our obligations and ensuring equality and human rights are protected unequivocally, without unnecessary burden on others. Governance, whether of a company of a nation, should be shaped around impartiality, and your intent and actions should be morally steadfast and compassionate towards others.
Thriving on Chaos While Pursuing Simplicity
“If we did not have complexities to resolve, how would we create value for clients through our services and solutions? Business is actually quite straightforward, but people can complicate things. Empathy allows you to  tune in, ethics allow you act in an equitable manner.”
Selfless Compassion | Rational Intent and Action
“Once you’ve found your rhythm, help others find theirs. There’s an old Indian saying: ‘The first step to helping the poor is by not becoming one of them.’ Get your house in order and then help others build their houses.

Be inspired to transform your business to change the world with this book.

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