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6 Quotes by Amit Chaudhuri that Showcase His Brilliance

Quotes that’ll enrich every reader’s life

The author of six novels, his first major work of non-fiction, Calcutta: Two Years in the City, was published in the UK and India in 2013. His first novel, A Strange and Sublime Address, is included in Colm Toibin and Carmen Callil’s Two Hundred Best Novels of the Last Fifty Years.
Here are 6 quotes by Amit Chaudhuri that’ll enrich every reader’s life.
On the nature of history.
Amit Chaudhari quotes 1.png
A poet’s view on love.
Amit Chaudhari quotes 4
On the bottomless depths of a woman’s heart.
Amit Chaudhari quotes 5.png
How class division changes perceptions.
Amit Chaudhari quotes 3 (1)
His views on writing.
Amit Chaudhari quotes 2 (1)
On a feeling many share.
Amit Chaudhari quotes 6.png
Amit Chaudhuri’s latest – Friend of my Youth is, like all his previous works, a treasure trove of beautiful moments and glorious quotes that’ll leave you breathless.

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