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6 Revolutionary Things That Changed the Face of Delhi Government Schools

Manish Sisodia, Delhi’s deputy chief minister and education minister, is the visionary instrumental in ushering in evolutionary change in the public school education system. Recounting his experiences and experiments as an education minister, Shiksha offers blow-by-blow account of this amazing success story.

Read to find out what experiments he did that revolutionized Delhi government schools forever:

Budget: A Game Changer

The Delhi government’s biggest achievement with regard to the education sector has been that in our very first budget the allocation for the education department was doubled.

Infrastructure: Beginning with Basics 

We calculated that to accommodate the present number of students and teachers, and to manage them well, we needed another 30,000 rooms. The solution was to either build new schools or add rooms to the existing ones. We adopted both approaches.

Principals: Empowering Leadership

In Delhi, we have taken crucial steps to strengthen the position of the principals and establish them as responsible leaders.

Teachers: Re-establishing Trust 

I realized that there was a segment of very capable and enthusiastic teachers but because of a few politically inclined or lazy ones the whole system had got a bad name. I kept talking to these teachers and decided to make their ideas an integral part of my vision for our education system.

Mentor-Teacher: A New Tradition 

My advisers, Atishi and Shailendra along with the officers in the Directorate of Education, designed a
framework to initiate the mentorship programme for teachers. 

Parents: Participation with Dignity

Students usually come from localities far removed from the places the teachers inhabit…This is the reason for the limited social interaction between the teachers and the parents of the students after school. This could also be the reason for the lack of communication between them. I felt that it was critically important to break this wall.

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