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7 Moments from House of Screams that will Give you the Chills

In Andaleeb Wajid’s new book House of Screams, Muneera finds out she’s inherited her uncle’s old house on Myrtle Lane, she decides to move in with her husband, Zain, and their three-year-old son, Adnan. The promise of saving money and living in one of Bangalore’s nicest areas has them packing up their old lives at their tiny apartment and shifting to this sprawling bungalow. But they soon realize there’s more to the house than its old-world charm….
Read along to know some deeply scary excerpts from the book:

“Muneera felt slightly uneasy as she walked towards the room. A feeling of being inside a house with trick mirrors engulfed her. She felt as though they were being sucked in.”
“He rested his head on her shoulder and shuddered slightly because he had seen what his mother hadn’t. The dark forms melted back into the wall.”


“Right then another hard blow landed on his head, and he knew nothing could save him.The last thing he saw was Ghafoor turning to her, his blood stained hands cupping her gently. She closed her eyes, as though in supplication.”
“Muneera realised that the dark patches on his body were blood. The boy looked at her without blinking. Her phone dropped from her hand, and there was complete darkness for a moment that terrified her even more. But just as she opened her mouth to scream, the screams stopped and the zero watt bulb flickered to life.”
“Evil spirits. Was that what he had seen beyond the wall? He would never forget how the wall had suddenly become a creen beyond which ghastly shapes moved. Hands had emerged from within and grabbed Adnan.”
“Muneera screamed and ran towards Adnan. Half of his body had disappeared into the wall. ‘Adnan’ she screamed. She caught hold of his arm and pulled. Adnan’s eyes rolled up in his head and that galvanized Zain into action. He jumped down from the stool and grabbed him by the waist. One armand one leg had disappeared completely into that hellish realm.”
“Four rabid dogs were mauling Iqbal, who lay on the ground like a limp doll. The men picked up  stones and threw them at the dogs but the animals didn’t relent. One of the creatures turned and bared its fangs at them, making them retreat in fear. She couldn’t believe the sight. It felt like her heart had exploded.”

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