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9 Ways You Can Become a Better Manager

Most students pursue MBA in hopes of getting hired from a major corporation. Although MBA gets them into the company, but it does not teach how to succeed as an employee and a manager. Every year many employees join management ranks, owing to their top performance. However, as they assume their new roles, they face a fresh set of challenges.
Rajeev Agarwal in his latest book What I Did Not Learn in B-school offers insights on how should new managers tackle these challenges
Here are 9 ways in which you can overcome challenges and become a better manager.
Create a positive and motivating microculture in your organization!

Delegate better!

Creation of the right environment for your team, that helps manifest their potential to the fullest.

Be responsible and accountable for your own goals

Managers must identify their management style and then mould it according to the team members

Your employees’ performance contributes to the success/downfall of the company

As a manager, recognize that training is part of the job.

A motivated team is the key to success

Understand the reason for feedback and give it effectively

Have some more tips to be an effective manager? Share with us.

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