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A question with no answer?

A unique picture book about science and the wild world, Little Jagadish and The Great Experiment encourages little ones to nurture curiosity. Based on the life and mind of real-life scientist Jagadish Chandra Bose, the following excerpt shows the educational combination of outdoor learning and books.

Little Jagadish and The Great Experiment||Anjali Joshi & Debasmita Dasgupta


One day at school,
while watering the plants,
he hummed a tune and did a little dance.

All of a sudden,
with a small pop,
an idea appeared
and he came to a stop.

‘I wonder if, like us,
plants can hear, too.’

His teacher listened
and her bright eyes grew.

‘Well, no one knows,’
Miss Pooja said.
Jagadish was stunned.
He scratched his head.

With that,
Miss Pooja’s
grew more.
She saw that
Jagadish had
opened a door.

‘In this world,
mysteries abound.
Books are not
where all answers
are found.’

‘Start with a question,
like you’ve already done.
Then, make a guess.
This is where it gets fun!

Do some experiments
and find some clues.
Make observations, see if your guess is true.’


Get your copy of Little Jagadish and The Great Experiment from your nearest bookstore or Amazon.

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