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An iconic journey of fathers and sons

Amidst the giant business empires that run the globe today and the ceaseless power struggle that flows through them, sometimes, when the human race is particularly lucky, we’re able to witness the rise of a business family which works like a family, which rises to incredible successes and finds unique ways of tackling entrepreneurial complications.


One such story is that of the Bajaj family business, which rose to enormous success, where fathers taught their sons valuable lessons of business and sons chose to apply those creatively. Rahul Bajaj, the icon who was not only an entrepreneur, but a change-maker, shares in this excerpt from his biography written by Gita Parimal, the unmatched personality that his own father was.


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Rahul Bajaj by Gita Parimal
Rahul Bajaj || Gita Parimal


‘‘My father did not only act by his instincts,’ Bajaj (Rahul) recalls those moments stoically. ‘He would apply his intelligence rationally and objectivity to every issue, and yet with a touch of humanism. He had great faith in his analytical skills. He did believe in God, but his logical way of thinking ensured that he never sought the refuge of fate. He used to say that those who rely on fate achieve little; whatever one acquires is possible only through a scientific and objective approach.’


‘Kakaji founded and built upon the edifice of our business almost from ground up,’ Bajaj recounts. ‘He never involved himself or spent time in the minutiae of day-to-day activities, but he had a great grasp of business matters. If the need arose, he could give such insightful ideas and solutions that none of us could have ever thought of. It is because of such inputs that the Bajaj Group could rise to such heights within such a short span of time.’


‘True to his nature, he was never bothered about success or failure,’ continues Bajaj. ‘He believed only in action. He believed that a person ought to try his best to complete a task that has been taken up, irrespective of how difficult it might be. He felt that the line dividing success and failure is a very thin one.’ Bajaj adopted his father’s credo.’


If you’re intrigued to know more about Rahul Bajaj and the legend who transformed the face of the Indian automobile industry and more, get your copy now!

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