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Be ‘Unstoppable’ Like Kuldip Singh Dhingra

Kuldip Singh Dhingra, the man credited with building Berger Paints, has remained a mystery. He is low-profile, eschews media and continues to operate from a small office in Delhi. Unstoppable is a candid and captivating biography in which Kuldip reveals his story for the first time.

Let these tips from Unstoppable inspire you to reach new heights just like Kuldip:

Focus on what you want and don’t let anything come in your way

Business is his[Kuldip’s] life, he lives for his business and will not let anyone or anything come in the way.


Don’t think short term

The thought of getting his father’s business back on track actually excited him. He realized that he had let the present circumstances colour his long-term thinking.   


Let each individual handle different aspects of business

Kesar Singh’s business was doing well and he wanted his sons to expand beyond Amritsar. However, he did not want all his sons to work in the same business…‘He told his sons to go out individually and expand the business in different cities.


Don’t hesitate to expand

Unable to expand their own families, the three eldest sons focused on expanding the geographical reach of their businesses.


Take the help of professionals

Each son had trusted professionals by his side to help him with the business. This arrangement worked well for them as it allowed them to achieve a work–life balance.


Sometimes you need to be ruthless to succeed

He[Kuldip] had a good understanding of business. He also had a ruthless streak when it came to business…


All kinds of experiences are important 

…Kuldip was a man who looked at the facts and took a decision fast. He processed all his thoughts, and came to the conclusion that three months in the life of the business would not mean much and that seeing the world would only widen his perspective.


See what the market demands 

He had been travelling to Delhi to book orders already… ‘Delhi was a bigger market than Amritsar. I thought, let me go and expand the business there,’ said Kuldip.

Unstoppable narrates what a man can achieve if he pursues his dreams relentlessly. The book is available now.

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