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Aashima Dogra

Aashima Dogra is a freelance science writer and editor. Her time in a Pune lab pushed her to embrace her love for science stories and pursue a masters degree in Science Communication in 2009. Since then she has enjoyed researching and creating engaging science media published on various platforms for Indian as well as international audiences. She has been editor of Brainwave magazine, which is where she met Nandita. Aashima has people she calls home in Austria and India.

In 2016, Nandita and Aashima embarked upon a cross-country tour across Indian science laboratories, an exercise they dubbed ‘Lab Hopping’. This evolved into one of India’s most well-known (and one of the only science-centric) feminist media projects, The duo have worked on several projects; this is their second book together.

Books by the author

Lab Hopping

Lab Hopping

Nandita Jayaraj, Aashima Dogra
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