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Acharya Baburam (Madhav Acharya Tr.)

BABURAM ACHARYA, the fi rst and only historian laureate of Nepal, was a
scholar and researcher who pioneered the writing of Nepalese history based on
indigenous resources. He is credited with coining the Nepali name ‘Sagarmatha’
for Mt Everest, the world’s tallest mountain. An honorary member of the Royal
Nepal Academy, he was awarded the Tribhuvan Award in 1963.
He wrote fourteen books (seven published posthumously) and over one
hundred research-based pieces and articles on subjects ranging from Nepalese
history to Nepal-China relations. He is best known for his four-volume
biography of King Prithvinarayan Shah, the founder of modern Nepal, and
Aba Yasto Kahilyai Nahos, a collection of his essays.

Books by the author

The Bloodstained Throne

The Bloodstained Throne

Acharya Baburam (Madhav Acharya Tr.), Baburam Acharya, Madhav Acharya (Tr.)
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