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Andre Marx

André Marx studied German language and literature, linguistics and art at the University of Osnabrück. He then became a full-time writer, authoring twenty-seven books of the German cult series ‘Die Drei???’. He is known for his witty wordplay and for masterfully weaving mysterious clues, thrills and suspense into his stories. In 2007, he collaborated with Boris Pfeiffer on the Wild Pack series for children.

Born in 1964 in Berlin, Boris Pfeiffer is a German writer of children’s books, plays and poetry. He worked as a stage director and screenwriter before going on to become an author and award-winning playwright. His books have sold over a million copies in Germany and his stories have been translated into nine languages.

Anya Malhotra has been a freelance translator and interpreter for close to twenty-five years. Her work spans a wide range, from literature and technical texts to environmental and economic research. Her translations have also been published in magazines and have appeared online. Anya’s childhood was spent surrounded by books but, much to her regret, no animals, which she is making up for now. An outdoorsy person, she divides her time between Delhi and Kumaon.

Books by the author

The Wild Pack Devise a Plan

The Wild Pack Devise a Plan

Andre Marx, Boris Pfeiffer
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