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Aravinda Ananthraman

Aravinda has always loved books and stories and it seemed only natural that when she grew up, she too would write. She has had several jobs in dotcoms (in the 90s) and other places. Her longest and most enjoyable stint has however been with a children s library called Hippocampus. Aravinda is part of a small group called Think Tibet that organizes events to introduce people to the Tibetan community. For Think Tibet, Aravinda set up Lama Mani Books to publish Tibetan stories for children. She has authored two books, Dorje s Holiday at the Gyenso Khang and Dolma Visits the City (2009). Aravinda lives in Bangalore with her husband, dog and a visiting menagerie of dogs, squirrels, crows and snails.

Books by the author

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