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Jaishankar Krishnamurthy

Jaishankar Krishnamurthy is a finance professional with over twenty-five years of experience in India, Dubai and Singapore.
Farside is his first book. He is currently working on three other books: a crime thriller, which he is co-authoring with Dr Anitha Perinchery, set in a psychiatric clinic; a book that takes a deep dive into financial crimes during the 2016 demonetization exercise; and a financial thriller set in Dubai.
He is also the founder of Script A Hit, a unique start-up dedicated to helping the many creative minds like him realize their dreams of becoming authors and audio-visual concept creators.
Jai lives with his wife and their canine children in Bengaluru.
Krishna Udayasankar is the author of The Aryavarta Chronicles (Govinda, Kaurava, Kurukshetra and The Cowherd Prince), 3, Immortal, Objects of Affection and Beast. Her short stories and poems have appeared in multiple anthologies and many of her books have been optioned for screen by leading production houses. She is currently working on two screenplays.
She also leads a social initiative committed to building capacity for dialogue and transformation of conflict across diverse groups in society.
Krishna, who will respond eagerly to ‘Khaleesi, Mother of Huskies’, lives with her husband and their canine children in Bengaluru.
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Jaishankar Krishnamurthy, Krishna Udayasankar

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