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Nitin Kushalappa MP

Nitin Kushalappa MP, by profession, is a software developer who has been responsible for twenty-two iPhone apps that have been released so far. Over the past decade, he has worked as a team lead, entrepreneur, and senior consultant for numerous companies. In his free time, he can be found either coding or digging up history-something he’s very passionate about.

Born Mookonda Poonacha Nitin Kushalappa and hailing from Coorg, a region rich in oral lore, Nitin devours myths and folk tales. He has authored seven books so far: four on local history, one biography about an army officer, one translation and a modern-day retelling of the Ramayana. A researcher for the Kodava Virtual Museum, Nitin has worked on an old temple script, and has also written several articles for news dailies. Currently, he lives in Bengaluru with his family.

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