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Onir is an acclaimed Indie filmmaker, based in Mumbai. His first film, My Brother Nikhil, won several Indian and international awards, including the Montreal Jury Award. His film I Am won the 2011 National Award as well as several international awards, including Best Film at the London Asian Film Festival. Onir has received the Diversity Award from Film Victoria Australia and La Trobe University at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2019, and the Jury special mention for outstanding work on LGBT issues at the Indus Valley International Film Festival October 2020. He is one of the few people of the Indian film industry who are open about their personal identity. Onir also writes poetry.

Irene Dhar Malik is an award-winning film editor, screenwriter and writer of short stories. Irene’s short stories have been published in magazines and anthologies, such as like a volume of Afro-Asian short stories, Behind the Shadows, short stories by Indian women, Ripples, and in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

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