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Parakh Om Bhatt

Parakh Om Bhatt comes from a Pandit family who are experts in performing Vedic rituals. He is a renowned columnist, electrical engineer and tantra practitioner. Additionally, he has been studying the ancient Sanskrit scriptures of the Sanatan Dharma and tantra, while also working on the Maha-Asura series for several years. Having embarked on his spiritual journey at the age of twelve, Parakh, who is knee-deep in his own Tantra Sadhana, guides people across the globe to forge ahead in their spiritual journey with the aid of traditional–scriptural rituals. He lives in Rajkot, Gujarat. You can connect with him through his social media handles:
Instagram: @parakh_bhatt
Facebook: Parakh Bhatt
Youtube: Vedology

Books by the author



Parakh Om Bhatt, Raj Javiya
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