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Radha Thomas

Radha Thomas is the Executive Vice-President at Explocity Private Limited. She is an author and also a jazz vocalist and the band leader of the jazz-fusion band, UNK: the Radha Thomas Ensemble. Besides writing the lyrics for all the original material she performs, she has written, mostly in a humorous vein for the Bangalore Monthly, a column called, ‘Between the Sexes’. In addition, she also wrote extensively on health, diet and fitness for the magazine The Bangalore Monthly. In the course of these articles, she was able to meet and interview the city’s leading cutting-edge medical practitioners, especially those in the alternative medicine field, one of her passions. She conceived of and produced a series of food guides in the six major metros in India including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Bangalore. These books, called, The Kingfisher Explocity Great Food Guide, were published and sold all over India regularly from around 2009 to around 2012. Men On My Mind and More Men on My Mind were her first two novels. The third in the trilogy will be released shortly.

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