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Rana Safvi

Rana Safvi is a prominent and bestselling writer, scholar and translator deeply committed to India’s rich cultural heritage and diverse civilizational legacy. Her repertoire spans a variety of media, including writings (both original and translations), podcasts and videos. Her remarkable portfolio comprises ten books that delve into topics ranging from culture and history to the monuments of India. Notable titles include Tales from the Quran and Hadith; The Delhi Trilogy; A Saint, A Folk Tale and Other Stories; and In Search of The Divine: Living Histories of Sufism in India. In addition to her literary contributions, Rana has undertaken the task of translating significant works into English. In particular, she has translated Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s pivotal piece on Delhi, Asar-us Sanadid. Rana’s blog,, serves as a treasure trove of cultural, literary and historical insights.

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Zahir Dehlvi, Rana Safvi
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