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Sandeep Dayal

Sandeep Dayal is the managing director of the marketing powerhouse Cerenti Marketing Group, which has been rated by Forbes as one of America’s top management consulting firms for the past six years in a row. Previously, he has worked for McKinsey and Booz, two of the world’s top strategy consulting firms. In his twenty-five-plus-year consulting career-nearly 100 engagements with more than thirty companies-he has had a unique vantage point from where he could work with and shape some of the world’s most amazing brands.

Dayal is a marketing visionary, and many of his articles, including those on building trust online, creating digital brands and deciphering consumers’ behavioural bounds, have proven to be remarkably prescient in predicting major marketing shifts. It is through this work right in the trenches, alongside some of the world’s top marketing executives, that he has developed a practical and game-changing framework for building what he calls ‘cognitive brands’.

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