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Sarbpreet Singh

Sarbpreet Singh, a writer, playwright, podcaster and commentator, is the author of Kultar’s Mime (2016), The Camel Merchant of Philadelphia (2019), The Night of the Restless Spirits (2020), The Story of the Sikhs: 1469–1708 (2021) and The Sufi’s Nightingale (2023). He is also the author of Jujhar Cheema, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, set in Punjab in the early 1990s. His podcast Story of the Sikhs, which has listeners in ninety countries and is currently in its fourth season, has an expansive sweep and has become a valuable resource for students of Sikh history. His work has been featured on the BBC and National Public Radio, and his commentary has appeared in several newspapers in the US, India and Pakistan. Sarbpreet Singh is also the founder of the Gurmat Sangeet Project, a non-profit dedicated to the preservation of Sikh sacred music.

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