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Saundarya Rajesh

Saundarya Rajesh is an award-winning social entrepreneur, a sought-after DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) strategist and a torchbearer for women in the workplace. As the founder–president of Avtar, India’s top DEI consulting firm, she is a trusted advisor for hundreds of organizations and has facilitated the creation of inclusive workplaces for nearly 10 lakh women.
One of the earliest proponents of gender diversity in the workplace at a time when women’s careers were viewed as unnecessary, Saundarya firmly believes that women’s workforce participation can promote national economic prosperity. A pioneer of the idea of second career paths for women and the concept of career intentionality, an innovative success tool for women, she has made it possible for thousands of women to re-enter and flourish in the workplace.
Saundarya has demystified DEI for a remarkable range of audiences including women, policymakers, CEOs, HR leaders and DEI enthusiasts, through her training sessions and speeches across various platforms. Her stellar contribution in the space of women’s workforce participation has won her several awards including the Ministry of Women and Child Development’s #100 Women Achiever Award (2016), NITI-Aayog’s Women Transforming India Award (2016) and the Chevening Global Changemaker Award (2019).
Her first book, The 99 Day Diversity Challenge (2018), is a unique and practical DEI guide for business leaders that continues to be a bestseller.

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