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Shraddha Soni

Shraddha Soni is a spiritual teacher and healer. Stemming from this innate calling are her manifestations as an inspirational speaker and writer.

For over twenty years, Shraddha has been working, helping people heal. Her clientele includes people from various walks of life – celebrities, corporate head honchos, and the guy or girl next door. They have found in her a guide, a light, a hand that has helped steady their minds. She has guided them to find meaning in their lives and set them on the path to inner peace and greater fulfilment.

Her work is a reflection of her own quest for the soul’s purpose. Her faith in herself manifests in her gift that imparts to others, this magic of transformation.
Shraddha considers life as her biggest mentor. She looks upon the fabulous job it does for her as her greatest personal gift. She believes that when you trust life, it speaks to you and mystical experiences become a part of everyday life. It is part of her personal spiritual awakening process.

I Am Life is Shraddha Soni’s foray into the world of writing. One read of I Am Life and she convinces you that although this book is her first, she is here to stay!

Books by the author

I Am Life

I Am Life

Shraddha Soni
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