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Swapnil Pandey

Swapnil Pandey is the bestselling author of Soldier’s Girl and Love Story of a Commando. Both her works of fiction emphasise the emotions of a soldier and have been a rage among youngsters. She is also a star blogger with an audience-base reaching up to lakhs of people.

Apart from blogging professionally for various brands, she also loves compiling stories about life in the Indian military. Since lockdown 2020, she has also started producing motivational and informational videos to add value to the lives of her audiences. These videos have created a huge impact among the masses and have been pivotal in raising various social issues surrounding military families.

The effortless portrayal of military life comes from her fauji background. She married into the tribe thirteen years ago and her nomadic life in army cantonments all across the country amongst extraordinary men and women has pushed her to come up with the most extraordinary stories. She believes a nation must not only look after the well-being of its soldiers and their families, but also honour their memories. The Force Behind the Forces is her humble attempt to provide the most authentic glimpse of the coveted army life and of the struggles military families face to common people.

Swapnil is also an alumnus of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, and has worked with organisations like Wipro, HDFC, taught at Lovely Professional University and even the Army Public School to name a few of her ever-changing job profiles as the wife of an army officer.

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