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Tulsi Vatsal

Nandshankar Meta (Author)
The first Indian headmaster of an English-medium school in Surat, and later Diwan of Bhuj, Nandshankar Mehta (1835-1905) was a strong advocate of social reform. Karan Ghelo, the first modern Gujarati novel and his only work of fiction, draws heavily on bardic chronicles and historic texts. // Tulsi Vatsal, a graduate of Oxford University, is an independent researcher, writer and editor. She has authored a number of books on Indian history and culture. Her latest book is Sahib, Bibi, Nawab: Baluchar Silks of Bengal 1750-1900. // Aban Mukherji is the author of Soonamai Desai of Navsari: A Biographical and Autobiographical Sketch. She is currently co-editing a nineteenth-century Gujarati text, Mumbaino Bahaar.

Tulsi Vatsal (Translator)

Aban Mukherji (Translator)

Books by the author

Karan Ghelo: Gujarat’s Last Rajput King

Karan Ghelo: Gujarat’s Last Rajput King

Tulsi Vatsal, Aban Mukherji
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