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Business Books to Look Out For

“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs” – Farrah Gray
Whether you’re thinking of setting up your own business – and need some inspiration or advice – or whether you need help making improvements in your already-existing business, we’ve got a set of books for you. Here we have a list of business books for you to pick up, by authors with lots of experience in the field that are bound to help you take your company to new heights.
Let’s take a look!
Talent Wins: The New Playbook for Putting People First

Turning conventional views on their heads, talent and leadership experts Ram Charan, Dominic Barton, and Dennis Carey provide leaders with a new and different playbook for acquiring, managing, and deploying talent–for today’s agile, digital, analytical, technologically driven strategic environment–and for creating the HR function that business needs.
Disrupt and Conquer: How TTK Prestige Became a Billion-Dollar Business

In this book, the current chairman T.T. Jagannathan, along with Sandhya Mendonca, takes us through the journey of this extraordinary company which fought off bankruptcy and rose like a phoenix to become a highly profitable, successful entity. With invaluable business lessons, decades of experience and innovation distilled in these pages, Disrupt and Conquer is a must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs, executives and business leaders.
The Fuzzy and the Techie: Why the Liberal Arts Will Rule the Digital World

At Stanford University, If you had majored in the humanities or social sciences, you were a fuzzy. If you had majored in the computer sciences, you were a techie. This informal division quietly found its way into a default assumption that has misled the business world for decades-that it’s the techies who drive innovation. But in this brilliantly contrarian book,  Scott Hartley reveals the counter-intuitive reality of business today: it’s actually the fuzzies-not the techies-who are playing the key roles in developing the most creative and successful new business ideas.
Shortcut Your Start-Up

The world of startups is more competitive than ever: what will make yours stand out from the crowd? Shortcut Your Startup has the answers you need. Star entrepreneurs Courtney and Carter Reum have invested in such global successes as Lyft, Pinterest and SpaceX, as well as launching a multimillion-dollar business of their own – they have the hands on experience, insights and tips that will make all the difference.
Games Customers Play – What they don’t tell you about buyer-seller relationships

Business has been an endless series of games played by buyers and sellers-with one difference. Both sides could win at the same time. But somewhere along the way, many customers have changed the rules of these games in their favour. In Games Customers Play, Ramesh Dorairaj shows you how to spot such games and change the rules to your advantage. So that it doesn’t matter what the deal is, you will always win!
The Two Minute Revolution: The Art of Constantly Creating Value in Business

Sangeeta Talwar, the first woman executive in the FMCG industry, who established one of the most beloved and enduring brands of India-Maggi Noodles-shares creative and strategic lessons which can help you grow and add value to your business.  Insightful and packed with fascinating examples, this book suggests tried and trusted strategies for building extraordinary brands.
Creating Signature Stories

In Creating Signature Stories, branding guru David Aaker applies the power of intriguing, authentic, involving stories to communicate strategic messaging internally and externally, a critical and difficult task. Creating Signature Stories, full of case studies, discusses how to find, evaluate, refine and leverage great stories and use them to build brands, enhance customer relationships and inspire employees.

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