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Career planning made easy

Finding the right job at the start of your career can be a hard row to hoe. Several factors such as the company’s reputation, job description, your designation, remuneration, skill set, attitude are to be considered before you embark on a career in a company.

Here are some general questions for you to think about and look answers for while planning your career. These questions may help you streamline your choices and develop your career.

  1. What roles interest you?
  2. Have you shortlisted the companies you’d want to work with?
  3. Have you made a priority list of the shortlisted companies?
  4. Have you found the right people to network with?
  5. What are the most appropriate platforms for the job you are looking for?
  6. What qualities do you have that will help you excel in the role you’d be applying for?
  7. What value will your organization add in your career?
  8. What value can you add to the organization you join?
10 Steps to the Boardroom
10 Steps to the Boardroom || G.S. Rattan


If you’re on the first step of your professional journey and have found answers to the above questions, then jot down the information on the template given below. It may prove to be your guiding light in achieving your dream of reaching the boardroom.


Your Plan 

The Company You Want to Work in:

Key Stakeholders:

What I Admire About the Company:

Vision of the Company:

Mission of the Company:

Why I Belong Here:

Job Description and Responsibilities

  • JD:
  • Responsibilities that I can take on:
  • Responsibilities that will require learning on the job:

Area of Jurisdiction

  • Performing areas:
  • What I can take a shot at:

Defining Results

  • Tangible:
  • Intangible:

Network and Follow

  • Possible Mentor 1:

Network to Follow on

  • Possible Mentor 2:

Where to Start:

Department I Would like to Start With

  • Option 1:
  • Option 2:
  • Option 3:

Attitude Matters

  • My key strengths:
  • What I need to work on:
  • What is valued by this organization?


Remember the words of the author of 10 Steps to the Boardroom: ‘The most important factor will always be the intensity of the fire in your belly. Everything else is either a catalyst or a deterrent.’

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