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Catch them young: 6 Important Values Every Child Must Know!

Dear Moms and Dads,
Would you believe that your little one is already old enough to take small decisions by herself or himself? There will be a hundred tiny things that happen to them during the day, where they have to act in a certain way, take small calls and make their own judgement. This is the right time to prepare and give them lessons of right and wrong.
But this needs to be done subtly. Today’s child isn’t up to lectures and threats. This is the purpose of My Book of Values– to enable your child to differentiate right from wrong and good from bad, building a strong value system, learning to accept consequences—all through relatable stories and fun activities.
Nicky and noni are typical twenty-first-century kids. Smart, communicative and alert, they know how to get their way. But as they go about their lives, they encounter situations and challenges during which their value system is tested.
Here are a few lessons your children will learn from My Book of Value series as they follow the adventures and experiences of characters Nicky and Noni:


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