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Penguin Play

Penguin Play is a new and dedicated imprint that aims to bring together some of the finest books from the dynamic and captivating world of sports.

Penguin has long been home to an eclectic and diverse range of books and has one of the strongest portfolios of books in the sports genre, including several remarkable titles from the field of sports, such as The Dhoni Touch: Unravelling the Enigma That Is Mahendra Singh Dhoni by Bharat Sundaresan, Made in India: A Memoir by Milind Soman with Roopa Pai and Playing To Win by Saina Nehwal among others. The introduction of Penguin Play marks a significant step towards consolidating these works under one distinguished imprint and becoming the preferred home to both athletes and sports writers.

The imprint boasts a sizeable backlist, featuring compelling narratives, insightful biographies, and authoritative analyses that capture the essence of the sporting world. One of the key highlights of Penguin Play is going to be the commitment to deliver fresh and exciting content and intends to release an average of three new books every year, ensuring a steady stream of thought-provoking literature for sports enthusiasts and readers alike.

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