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Work Culture




One of the key factors to make a creative organization like ours successful is to ensure diverse intellectual and innovative inputs. We understand the fact that different people with different cultural backgrounds can come together to create a colorful picture. At Penguin Random House India, we keep our doors open to new avenues while scouting for talent. We are among the very few organisations, where you will find a millennial working hand-in-hand with a seasoned professional, in perfect synergy, to deliver outstanding results. We also take pride in being one of the very few oragnisations with an evenly balanced gender ratio in our workforce.

Love for Books 

Every person at PRH India has one common thing that bonds us… LOVE FOR BOOKS. Our preferences might differ, but we love to talk about our books. We do not have walls but bookshelves. One who enters our office can’t help but get lost into the world of words. Every book or a literature event is a festivity for us. If you are visiting Jaipur Literature Festival, World Book Fair, etc. you can’t miss meeting one of our excited employees. Our office celebrations are one big proof of our passion for books. We, at PRH India, are often graced by eminent dignitaries, who publish with us, to share their words of wisdom.


At Penguin Random House India we thrive on ‘Culture of learning’ and have a very strong influence of ‘Growth Mindset’. Our aim is to foster learning and development for our people enabling them to do the best work of their lives. We recognize that one size doesn’t fit all and our learning framework comprises a wide range of topics and formats catering to customized learning needs of every individual. These are carefully designed and curated in partnership with internal and external experts.

Learning is not just limited to formal programs and courses but also through various other learning formats including ‘Ted talks’ by Eminent speakers, Exchange Programs and Cross-functional learning where our employees get an opportunity to work for a couple of days in a different department enabling them to appreciate departmental nuances thereby enhancing working relationships.

The Advanced Excel workshop conducted on 28th April 2023



We thrive on a culture that encourages innovation and enables us to harness our natural talent across the company. This involves driving new initiatives, scouting best practices, design thinking trends, capability building and creating idea generation platforms & formats to nurture “creativity” and help them get ‘’real’’ quicker and more effectively. Our ‘Fresh perspective ‘ Program encourages employees to share business ideas that could make a positive impact within their respective divisions or the company as a whole. A judging panel consisting of the senior management in India, including the divisional CEOs, identifies the winning project and the individual/team takes the ownership of spearheading the idea of working closely with the CEO.

Making the world a better place

We all take pride in producing books that change and develop our society. However, we understand that there is a lot more that needs to be done and we do it. Over the past few years, we have partnered with various non-profit organisations to promote literacy in the country. We have distributed books to the community libraries, not-so-privileged schools, etc. Please refer to the CSR page for more details on such initiatives.

We partnered with Apollo Hospitals to celebrate World Book Day 2023. As part of this initiative, we sponsored 600 books on Health and Overall Well-being which were gifted to the in-house recovering patients.


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