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Cuddle Up with These Books this Winter

This winter, set some time aside to read with your child. Feel Sai Baba’s all-pervasive presence, blessings and grace  and discover the wonders of wildlife in India. Take the time to solve puzzles that delve into the history, culture, food, festivals, wildlife and monuments of India as well!

Here is a list of all the books you can cuddle up with, this month:

Discover India: Wildlife of India

Mishki and Pushka can’t wait to get going. Daadu Dolma is taking them on a safari to see some of India’s famed wildlife.They’re about see rare animals like the Gangetic dolphin, meet endangered species like the Bengal tigers and one-horned rhinoceros!

With so many mountains, forests, water bodies, swamps and deserts, it’s no surprise that India has such amazing wildlife. So get set to join your favourite happy campers and their good old friend, Daadu Dolma and learn all about India’s incredible wildlife.

Discover India: India Activity Book

Mishki and Pushka have learned a lot about India. And now they’re ready to solve the puzzles, riddles and activities that Daadu Dolma has created specially for them.

Join them and take on the challenge of completing these activities on India’s history, its kings and queens, its festivals and monuments, its art and culture. There’s sure to be lots of fun along the way!

Amma, Take me to Shirdi

Join Amma and her boys as they travel to Shirdi, home to one of India’s most celebrated saints-Sai Baba. Hear the story of one of the most loved and revered mystics. Walk around the neem tree that gave him shelter. Relish a few moments in Dwarka Mai, the dilapidated mosque that became his home. Visit Dhuni Mai, the ever-burning fire Sai Baba had lit, and receive his blessings. Hear stories of the countless miracles he performed as you pay respects at the Shri Samadhi Temple, where he rests.

The Golden Eagle (Feather Tales)


The Mindfulness Picture (Box Set)

Start a beautiful conversation on living purposefully with your young ones through four picture books that bring to life modern spirituality through simple words. While Tankful of Thankful will teach your child to understand the power of gratitude, Listen to the Whispers will let them reach for the stars with confidence and feel at one with the universe. Use Om the Gnome and the Chanting Comb to make them feel light and free and use Sunrise, Moonrise to understand the purpose of praying.

Puffin Classic: Tales from the Kathasaritsagara

Do you know the story of Phalabhuti, who narrowly escaped a grisly fate? Or of the kind-hearted Jimutavahana, who gave his life to save a snake from death? Or of young Shringabhuja, who married a rakshasa s daughter? These are just some of the many stories that make up Somadeva’s Kathasaritasagara. Abridged and wonderfully retold by Rohini Chowdhury, this is a great introduction for young readers to a fascinating work of classical Indian literature.

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