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Delhi or Mumbai? Get a Chance to Discover India City By City!

Daadu Dolma, Mishki and Pushka are off to explore Delhi and Mumbai. They have heard about Delhi’s incredible history, its amazing food, the stunning monuments, the unique Delhi lifestyle and Mumbai’s amazing people, its film industry and its buzz of activity. They’re going to have some great adventures in the two cities so be sure to join them in Mumbai, Here we Come (Discover India City by City) and Delhi, Here we Come (Discover India City by City) by Sonia Mehta.

Here are some incredible facts about both the cities:


A Walk Amidst Nature

Shopper’s Paradise

Transport Tales

Cities Of National Importance

Local USP’s

Undying Spirit

Tempting Delicacies

Are you going to join them? Then keep your cameras ready and get set for a wonderful trip!

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