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Did You Know These Facts from the States of India?

Each region of India is full of diversity in culture, language, food, tradition – you name it! If you have ever been interested in stories and tales from the many states of India then Sonia Mehta’s Discover India: Folktales of India is the perfect book for you! Join Mishki, Pushka and Daadu Dolma in 10 short stories on their adventures around India and learn more about this great land!

If you are intrigued by the many cultures of India, here are 10 facts and tales from different states!


Tamil Nadu

Did you know that Tamil Nadu is the largest producer of banana, turmeric and tapioca in India!

It is home to some of India’s best flora and fauna – much like the palmyra tree branch that helps save Kaveri from the scary tiger in the story of ‘The Tiger Groom’



Kerala is also known as the Land of Coconut trees!

This delicious coconut is the key ingredient for Kozhukatta – Kumaran from the story ‘The Forgetful Son-in-Law’ will never forget the name of his favourite dish ever again and now you can remember it too!



Assam is known for its Assamese golden silk called muga. This silk is as special and beautiful as the magical shawl that Varya possesses in the story ‘How Peacocks Came to Be’!



Mizoram is also known as ‘The Land of the Highlanders’. It gets its name from the hills that make up Mizoram’s geography. You can find out more about the hills and its folktales in the story ‘Brave Nuchhimi’.


West Bengal

Bengal is best known for its Durga Puja celebrations that take place every year where the whole community gathers to celebrate!

Just like in the story ‘The Brahmins Ghost’ where Basudeb’s community gives him a helping hand – people of Bengal come together to celebrate this grand festival!



Odisha homes one of India’s most famous temples in Konark – the Sun Temple. The story of ‘Dharmapada’s Sacrifice’ tells of how the grand temple was built and was able to gain its world renowned glory!



Gujarat is also known as ‘The Land of Legends’. Gujarat’s history is full of great legends similar to the king and Rasiklal in the legendary tale of ‘All for the Best’.



Maharashtra was home to the great empire of the Marathas – who led with generosity, kindness and valour – much like Janba’s generosity in ‘Janba’s Story’.



The land of Punjab is known as Golden Harvests for the great farms and harvest that are produced here. Much like in the tale ‘The Clever Sparrow’, the farmers of Punjab work hard and toil for a healthy and hearty crop from their farms – just like Chidhi!


Madhya Pradesh

This state is known as the Heart of India because of it central location on India’s map!

These are some interesting facts about some of the great states of India! If you’d like to learn more about the folktales from some of these wonderful states, then join Mishki and Pushka on their travels around India in Sonia Mehta’s Discover India: Folktales of India.

 Discover more of our regional richness with more stories and folktales from across the country!

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