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Discoveries of Love with ‘The Rabbit and the Squirrel’

The Rabbit and The Squirrel by Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi is a love story about a special bond of friendship between a rabbit and a squirrel. They are inseparable and share a precious bond which goes beyond the quintessential notions of love and admiration. Their greatest joy lies in spending precious moments with each other as they understand each other best. However, their rosy friendship comes to a sudden halt when the Squirrel is forcibly made to marry a wealthy Count Boar. Years of separation has rendered them changed in quite a lot of ways but they still seem unchanged to each other.
A tale for adults about the lasting nature of love and friendship, this book will redefine what it means to love and adore despite the odds.
Here are a few things about love from the book, that you might have thought of differently:

  1. A relationship where there are absolutely no inhibitions and the people involved are utterly honest with each other, is the root for an undying bond. 
  2. Contrary to what many would think, the separation of time would not effect a pure connection. This separation has no effect on what one might feel for the other even after a gap. The feelings are constant and so is the strong attachment between the two people. 
  3. Love does not have to be of a certain construct. It could be of a different form as suits the individuals. People have different definitions and understandings of love, which are equally valid.
  4. The acceptance of things that are not under one’s control is also a form of love. It makes the love stronger than the circumstances that tried to come between the love and makes the bond even more precious.

A story of thwarted love, and an ode to the enduring pleasures of friendship, The Rabbit and the Squirrel is a charming fable for grown-ups, in which one life, against all odds, is fated for the other.

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