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Dive into July with these Children’s Books

Get ready to embark on a rainy-day adventure with our delightful July releases. Let the monsoon magic unfold as you dive into this collection of captivating reads for children of all ages.

Take a look!

Magic in Marble: Building the Taj with Attaullah and Saving the Taj with Aradya
Magic in Marble : Building the Taj with Attaullah and Saving the Taj with Aradya || Ulta-Pulta series, INTACH

Magic in Marble: Building the Taj with Attaullah

Attaullah has to leave his playmates and the beautiful trees of Lahore behind as he makes the tiring journey to Akbarabad on a camel cart. His abbu, a master architect, has been summoned there to help build the most extraordinary monument ever-the Taj Mahal. The mausoleum will immortalize the memory of Jahan Panah Shah Jahan’s beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. And Attaullah wants to be a part of history as it’s being created. But how?

Magic in Marble: Saving the Taj with Aradya

Aradya has read everything she could find on the greatest monument ever built-the Taj Mahal. So, when her papa, a conservationist, invites her to join him on his quick work trip to Agra, she feels like she’s the luckiest girl in the whole, wide world. Her papa’s team is working on a project that will help preserve the Taj’s beauty and ensure its survival for future generations. And Aradya wants to help. But how?

Travelling across two timelines in history, this is an ulta-pulta book about two children whose paths collide in a mysteriously magical way.


The Letter to Lahore (Songs of Freedom Series)
The Letter to Lahore (Songs of Freedom Series)|| Tanu Shree Singh

Sarchi, 1921

When Dak Chacha comes to visit, Luxmi feels only joy and excitement. But this time, there is something dark underfoot-Chacha is worried and there are policemen coming to search their house.
Luxmi learns that both Dak Chacha and her mother are involved-in their own small ways-in the struggle for liberation from the unjust laws and practices that the British regime forces on all of them. This makes her determined to be part of it too. Even if that means undertaking a risky mission which no one else is able to do . . .


Postcard from the Lushai Brigade (Songs of Freedom Series)
Postcard from the Lushai Brigade (Songs of Freedom Series) || Hannah Lalhlanpuii

Aizawl, 1942

The world that the young boy at the heart of this story is growing up in is filled with magic and the simple joys of life with his brother Kima. Even the British presence in the Lushai Hills, so resented by some, does not affect him, except as a source of interesting and different things and people.
But as the Japanese prepare to invade their land, Kima joins up with the British Indian Army, and the days of simple joy are over . . .

The Songs of Freedom series explores the lives of children across India during the struggle for independence.


Inni and Bobo Head to School
Inni and Bobo Head to School || Soha Ali Khan, Kunal Kemmu

Bobo is a special puppy that little Inni has adopted. Bobo likes to help Inni get ready for school. He always checks if she has packed her lunch and water bottle.
And guess what? Bobo gets to go to school with Inni on a special day called ‘Bring Your Pet to School Day’! It’s the best Wednesday ever! Inni can’t wait to show her friends how wonderful Bobo is.

This endearing story, the third book in the Inni & Bobo series, delves into the everlasting bond between humans and pets. It will not only encourage children to show empathy and kindness towards animals but also teach them to open their hearts and homes to those in need.


Kolam Kanna
Kolam Kanna || Vibha Batra

The exciting Kolam Kondattam Kontest is right around the corner. And Bharathi can’t wait to participate and show off, er, showcase his creative skills. Encouraged by his friends, Tabassum and Alagu, he registers for the contest (with a ‘k’).Alas, the Residents’ Welfare Association, led by the fearsome Mrs Subramaniam, won’t hear of it. The contest is open only to the residents of Pravin’s Paradiso Apartments. And while Bharathi hangs out at the apartments all the time, he’s not exactly-technically-actually a resident.

Now it’s up to Bharathi to hatch an ingenious plan. Will he be able to get around the rules, get past the building bullies and get a shot at his dream?

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