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Do You Want To Be An RJ? Here Are Five Things To Note!

Let’s Talk On Air is the perfect book for you if you have always dreamed of becoming a radio jockey! Take a deep dive into the lives of fourteen eminent radio presenters to learn about the people behind the iconic voices that have entertained us via the airwaves-one of the oldest forms of communication. Get to know the challenges, ideals, inspirations, favourite songs and icons of the popular radio jockeys of our time, including the legend Ameen Sayani, and maybe this can be a career which inspires you too!

Here are some useful bits of wisdom imparted by these famous radio presenters!

RJ Ameen Sayani

“A radio host should be able to make their listener not only hear but also feel. The listener should be able to comprehend what you mean. What you say on-air must be factual. So always remember to do your homework! If you know your facts, you will naturally speak with confidence.”

RJ Anuraag Pandey, Radio Nasha 91.9 FM and Fever 104 FM

“Be original. And don’t become a radio jockey for instant fame. The key to longevity is to keep in touch with the pulse of the people you are catering to. Read about them, meet them. Only if you know common people can you connect with them like an old friend.”

RJ Prithvi Vishwanath, Fever 104 FM

“Radio to me is not about the voice as much as it is about the personality! Don’t hesitate to be you. Remember, you cannot always please everyone. Just work on your language, diction and communication.”

RJ Rohini Ramnathan, Radio Nasha 91.9 FM

“As a jockey, you analyse song lyrics and film dialogues. It is literature, poetry and philosophy. You have to understand rhythm, rhyme and verse. And if you read a lot, you can successfully have a better conversation with your guests, irrespective of which “field they belong to.”

RJ Yunus Khan, Vividh Bharati 102.8 FM

“One good quality to have is being interested in many different things, like music, literature or sports. You must have a fairly good knowledge of diverse matters that concern most people, and you must have a good vocabulary. You must love talking to people, particularly strangers. And you must really love music and songs.”


Do you want to be an RJ and entertain tons of listeners? Then this book is for you!












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